overview of our customer cases


Hitta kursvinnare


  • A new task management app which is simple, secure and easy to customise
  • Try it on: todomodo.se


  • A simple CMS to quickly build web sites
  • It allow flexible online editing capabilities while still performing as a static website
  • Code is small and straight forward which makes extending it trivial
  • This site was made using webfactory


  • A simple GPS based quiz adventure accessible directly in your smart phone browser.
  • Try it on: quizquest.se

Triangeln Office Center

  • Create a home for the local Malm√∂ office
  • The site was made using webfactory
  • Added a custom simple booking system for conference room
  • Check it out on: triangelnofficecenter.se

Support of a custom MES system

  • System admin support on a custom MES system for a textile production company in Sweden
  • Support existing system hosted on a PAAS platform


  • A powerful web assistant whenever you want to organise a meeting with a group of people
  • Perfect for situations where people are not on a common platform
  • Check it out on: meetbot.org


  • A simple, fun and educational graphics programming language for drawing vector illustrations
  • Try it on: dodraw.se