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Simpler Systems

"Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler."

Albert Einsteins famous quote says a lot about the focus of this company. At uniply we aim to provide simple solutions to any business problems we tackle.

Why do we have to make this an explicit goal of our company?

Many technology driven companies often consider purpose and usability as a second priority. We strongly believe that function and utility is the primary target. If you think this is obvious just look at your TV remote control. Or what about the administrative software used at your company?

First we think hard about the real underlying purpose and goal, before we assume a solution for the problem. This often makes us think outside the box to find the best solution.

After the problem is well understood the implementation options are still numerous. Companies often choose the new and shiny solutions. But in many cases a proven and well known solution will be the most secure, robust and maintainable solution. But then there are the specific cases when a new more adventurous technology really is what makes the solution efficient and straight forward. The trick is to know when to innovate and when to stick to the boring stuff. If most parts of your technology stack is simple you can put most of your efforts on the really hard problems.

Often it is a good idea to do less to achieve better usability of the whole. We take inspiration from Dieter Rams 10 principles for good design as a common baseline for any solution.

But is it easy to create simple solutions? No! A simple and straight forward solution to a problem can be very hard to get to, but often seems obvious when its there.

So we really do what many other consulting and product companies do. But we focus really hard not to make solutions harder to use or maintain than they really need to be.


At uniply we support businesses in the following areas:

  • Concept and product development
    • Digitization of processes
    • Connected products
  • System architecture
  • Software development


If you need help or support in development of a new concept or product do not hesitate to contact us.